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The bottle contains 2.5 ml. Active ingredient Bimatoprost. Manufacturer: Allergan. Our experts will help you in finding the nearest pharmacy in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Samara, Tyumen or Chelyabinsk, where you can buy Lumigan (Latisse, Latisse). If your request comes from other regions, we will be able to help you individually. Buy generic latisse online.

Lumigan eye drops are used today in two different areas of medicine.

Ophthalmology. Their main purpose is the treatment of glaucoma, a serious eye disease that affects millions of people around the world, mostly the elderly. Glaucoma is a persistent increase in intraocular pressure. If you ignore the disease, then your vision will gradually deteriorate, and everything may end in blindness. About one in six cases of blindness in the world is a consequence of glaucoma.

For conservative treatment of glaucoma, your doctor may prescribe Lumigan, the active ingredient of which is Bimatoprost.

In the eye, a special eye fluid is constantly produced and excreted, which we need to lubricate and cleanse the eyes. If for some reason the fluid cannot escape, the intraocular pressure rises, which negatively affects the condition of the optic nerve. As a result of its damage, problems arise with vision, up to its complete loss. Lumigan drops, which should be used on the recommendation of a doctor, can normalize fluid outflow.

The most important thing is to contact a specialist in time and adhere to his instructions. The usual purpose is to instill 1 drop in the affected eye once a day. After instillation, you need to lie down for several minutes with your eyes closed. Patients using lenses are advised to give their eyes a little rest during the procedure (15–20 minutes). Among the contraindications for the use of the drug are pregnancy and an allergy to the components of the drops.

Cosmetology. In the process of using the drops, another effect of them suddenly appeared. It turned out that in patients using Lumigan, eyelashes began to grow intensely. After about 3-4 weeks, they become noticeably longer, darker and denser. Women could not miss such an opportunity, and today not only elderly people with poor eyesigh but also young ladies who dream of luxurious eyelashes turn to pharmacies with a desire to buy Lumigan.

To get the desired result - beautiful eyelashes, drops should not be dripped, but rubbed into the roots of the eyelashes once a day (before bedtime), for which it is convenient to use a small brush. The maximum effect of such a simple procedure is achieved after about 2 months, after which it is recommended to lubricate the eyelashes 1 time per week. Drop manufacturers are conducting studies to help determine if the drug is effective in treating baldness.

Before you buy Lumigan (Latisse, Latisse) in the nearest pharmacy, you should definitely consult a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous to your health.


Latisse is recommended for women who want longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes. The packaging looks like an ordinary eyelash serum. The application also differs slightly from the application we know.

The best way to grow large beautiful eyelashes

Latisse has elongating and thickening properties. The first results of the spa treatment are already noticeable after three weeks. During the following treatments, the eyelashes are supplied with active ingredients whose purpose is to support the growth and densification of the eyelashes. Unfortunately, the results of the spa treatment do not last long, disappear after a few weeks from the moment in which the last application of this spa treatment was carried out. A package of latisse contains 3 ml of the liquid, which last for about four months of a spa treatment.

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Latisse is applied every evening until the satisfactory effects are achieved. To apply brushes, which are attached to the packaging. A drop of Latisse is placed on the brush and a line is drawn along the eyelash line of the upper eyelid. After applying Latisse on one eyelid, the brush is thrown away. To nourish the eyelashes on the second upper eyelid, a new clean brush is used. There is no need to repeat the application of the cosmetic product on the lower eyelid. Care must also be taken so that the fluid does not get into the eyes, it could cause irritation (swelling, tears, redness).

Latisse contains substances with increased potency that lengthen and thicken eyelashes. They can cause an allergy in people who have sensitive eyelid skin or sensitive eyes. Latisse contains no fragrant substances and no dyes. 


 lengthens eyelashes

 precise dosage

 fast application

 contains no fragrant substances

 Brush convenient in the application



 little productive

 The purchase of new applicators carries additional costs

 Effects disappear some time after completion of the spa treatment

 high price